Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year - New Ideas - Some dreams

It came to my attention yesterday that I hadn't given much thought to a series of resolutions to start my new year. Generally the new year comes and goes for me and I vow to keep the same set of principles going strong, including career focus, see family more , exercise harder etc etc. This year I want to set a series of firm tasks, solid goals and set times. This generally sounds rich from most people at this time of year but for someone like me when an idea is written in stone I do it, and do it well.

Global communities are becoming more and more relevant with the creation of data in the cloud and it drew upon me early last year that our UK BIM community was not a UK independent group. Names/tweets/Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups were created that began to show promise in unifying our community as a Global group at the forefront of this technology. The year proved that those leading the incentive were a core hub of people based not only in the UK but in the US, Australia, Northern Europe. To collate this group and become a global source of knowledge and information meant we would gain traction in our marketing effort as well as grow and learn from each other. This task and the year 2013 is about making this happen. #GlobalBIMcrew and #WomeninBIM will strive to do this.

There you have it. One big community, one important task and again I drive home the idea of sharing and openly discussing ideas. I look to my design background and strengths and make another resolution to drive the digital process and design and influence some change in Education. I was one of very few digitally passionate students at University. I wondered why this was the case but it came to my attention last year that Architecture was the culprit of holding back BIM and neglecting to include its relevance in our profession. This is slowly changing but needs to be pushed further in terms of government incentives, internal workflow and process as well as integration and promotion of a career. This year the process of integrating BIM in practice will become more and more relevant but the stigma and old school mentality will not. The aim is to change this and influence those willing to embrace the change.

2013 therefore promises a big adventure. The cloud, digital process and influencing change are all part of the bigger picture and with my passion and determination will make it happen.

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