Monday, 24 November 2014

Autodesk University 2014 ....Almost here!

As the year draws closer to an end so does the end of all our BIM related speaking events. I was lucky enough to speak at BIM Show live and RTC Europe this year and although both were successful and discussed our current integration with IFC and BIM, this time I chose to discuss and speak about a different topic - Reality Capture.

We all are aware this is a hot topic and one that aligns to the development at Autodesk and in general in the Construction Industry globally. The aim for this class, and similar to the class I presented with Angel Velez regarding IFC, was to offer realistic and current scanning workflow integration for Architects and Designers. As this was both a technical and practical offering again I wanted to present with a BIM friend who came from a Surveying and advanced scanning background - who else was there other than Matt McCarter (aka @oatfedgoat).

I am very excited about presenting this year at Autodesk University as it is my second speaking engagement at the event, yet my first in the main conference which is terrifying and exciting at the same time. Last year I spoke with my BIM2050 friends, Neil Thompson and Rachael Atkinson discussing our work with the BIM Task Group and influencing the future of our industry. It was a great class and also helped us to integrate with the Education community at Autodesk.

This year the class we are presenting will discuss current Surveying practice and integrated workflows with Laser Scanning but also how we as architects need to use the information to deliver our services and work more effectively with existing conditions and building projects. It will discuss our experiences with scanning data, technical information requirements when commissioning scan data and practical solutions to using the information successfully. We are excited to be presenting at AU, not only because we represent the UK BIM community but also because it allows us to share our knowledge and work toward educating the BIM capabilities of industry internationally.

I have also orchestrated another Women in BIM event this year which will draw in some heavy weights in the BIM community as well as provide a platform for women in all industries with a technical focus to share ideas and discuss how we can adequately continue to aid the numbers of women in senior roles in Construction. This is still a prevalent issue in Construction and one in which cannot be ignored, therefore we do hope that this event does enable a discussion and promote young women to be involved in Construction. I will be looking at promoting and integrating these types of discussions back in the UK in 2015 so please do follow both @becdecicco and @WomeninBIM for updates.

On that note I look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas and good luck to all my UK and international BIM colleagues on their presentations too!

See you in LV!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Its all about Perspective..

It is all about perspective. I wanted this blog to mark the beginning of my return to sharing ideas, collaboration methods and understanding new ways of working and growing in the Construction Industry.

As humans, we continually challenge everything, the way we think, read, relate, interact and learn. Learning is one of the most important parts of being human, not only in our early formative years but through our teens, twenties, thirties and beyond. I realised last week that the art of teaching is not about communication or knowledge, it is about connectivity. Relating to individual people on different levels, relating to their needs, their desires and their thoughts is what ultimately will drive them to want to grow.

Education is an area I will always stay connected to. Not only because I love to teach, but I love to learn. I learn from those older than me, those younger than me, those more intelligent than me or less, those stronger or weaker. I learn every day.

With this in mind, I wanted to post that those people who do engage in education, who want to make the world better, who want to leave a legacy behind, generally do this without any end game. It is not about what we can gain commercially from this, rather what we can gain as human beings to help us to grow and appreciate the things we do have every day.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

BSL 2014

Day one and the first keynote kicks off with Professor David Philp.

A positive message and a strong introduction to a two day event. 

Follow the blog and the #BSL2014 for updates over the next few days.

Rebecca De Cicco
Steering Group Lead
CIC BIM2050 
+44 77603 69 883
Twitter: @becdecicco

Thursday, 17 April 2014

BIM Show Live and Future leaders

Time I kept the writing up and blog while in between meetings, on the way to see friends, even while having my first Hendricks before the beginning of a long needed bank holiday weekend.

So BIM Show live is upon us and yet another exciting week of sharing knowledge, learning, networking with BIM friends and finding time to socialise all in the space of a few days.

I feel excited and happy about this years event, that not only am I speaking but I'm orchestrating an area for some key people all looking forward to a bright future. The futures area will sit in between the exchange hall and the main auditorium. The key is to ensure we engage the BIM community at large, learn from those implementing and drive positive results for our future. The space will only house couple a small seating area, maybe a few stools but we will be looping a video and also have an interactive display we hope all delegates interact with. Thanks to Faro, Topcon and Whitefrog all of who have donated small extras we will give away at the end of the show too. Please help us to gain some knowledge and grow a positive future for our industry not only here in the UK but also abroad.

I am also lucky enough to be presenting with Angel Velez, Autodesk Senior Principal designer and expert on all things IFC. I look forward to sharing some real experiences using the open source code (from an architects perspective) and I'm sure most are excited to hear Autodesk's approach to IFC development. We present on Wednesday afternoon, alongside some other exciting and interesting classes which will inform this year. I am actually a little excited about a few days outside if London. ;-)

Now for the weekend...I look forward to seeing all my UKBIM friends next week, and of course making new ones.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Adventures and a Digital Dream

What is Digital Node?

Following 12 great years in industry, through several amazingly rich projects, people and Architectural practices I have decided to explore an opportunity to create a space where I am able to not only share my knowledge, but to embed myself in processes, places and with people that truly inspire me. I therefore felt it appropriate to build a business not only based on these 'BIM' processes, but one that touched on my greatest passion - design.

Digital Node is therefore informed by Design, Technology and Innovation. 

It seeks to support projects and influence their development in positive ways. To help shape beautiful buildings and allow for a more productive workflow is the key.

The business is therefore divided into four streams or tiers. 

1. Digital Process and design. 

2. Technical Support and Training

3. Strategic Advice and Implementation

4. LIVE Support on Projects

The following streams engage in areas I feel were lacking in general in current industry process. It was important for me to stay engaged in projects as a consultant hence why the top three points are supported by the final point of remaning intact with live projects as a technical support or a strategic innovator informing clients of proposed supply chain incentives and by products. 

The one area I felt relevant and one in which I had the desire to actively influence this industry ties in with the work I undertake within the BIM2050 team here in the UK. It is about young people, working with schools, engaging with them because I want to and because I care.  

If we as industry professionals cannot help these young people, inspire them and drive them to be passionately engaged with the construction industry as we know it, we are at risk of losing a huge pool of talent to other industries moving forward and into the future. 

So....I conclude.... Here is to the future, to Digital Node and to a happy life.