Sunday, 10 February 2013

Theory vs delivery

Interesting discussion last week on delivery vs theory and it is something that has been playing on my mind since. Delivery of a solution regardless of what that solution, is usually what allows the smoke to clear and the real actions to be implemented.

Regardless of what the end game is we need to stop talking about it and start doing it!! It's incredible lately because all I see are numerous power points and slides discussing ideas and no actual implementation of the idea. It's ok that most of us don't know everything - we can't and we shouldn't. We all have varying skills that align the conversation about BIM today and where we see it headed as well as where we feel we can influence change.

It's interesting that Mr Bernstein's recent article discusses that we are an industry slightly behind in our attempt to move forward and deliver a product with the use of technology and process change. I still believe whole heartedly that the psychology behind this change will only occur when there is no other option - when there is no choice. Yes in the US or Australia and even here in the UK there are varying organisations implementing an innovative approach but this is still quite scattered and ad hoc- it's not uniform: but should it be? I find it incredible that we can see benefits in utilising technology to help us to walk/see/hear but not to allow us to deliver more informed built asset and save us time and money.

This goes further when we look at the scattered nature of our education system around the world and the strong notion which embodies a fear of change due to the fact we lose something. Change is scary - its a human fact and I agree. Nobody likes it nor do we want to have to deal with something we don't understand. The problem is that now we have no choice and we must engage.

Change agents are important in the world because they don't actively do things of important because it will benefit others - it is done because they care and are passionate influencing the world and helping others.

My rant for a Sunday evening.

Until next time.

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