Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happiness IS

Not the day I expected. Never easy experiencing loss but even harder when you feel so connected to those who are going through the pain. I had a really horrible day but something beautiful came out of it that I had to share.

My personal nature, who I am and what I believe in was something I always felt was something everyone felt , something I believed as humans we all possessed but I was wrong in that assumption. We all connect to things differently - to people differently - to situations and life - but one thing I've worked out is that what I'm very good at is connecting to children in ways I've never realised before.

I spent the afternoon chatting with two beautiful children, Both of whom had experienced a loss that week. They are 13 and 14 years old and I realised where it is my direction and passion lies. With children. We discussed technology, I learnt Barnaby spoke at BETT and that the lovely Grace was going to be a future Olympian swimmer. One beautiful moment of pure and utter fascination on what drives them - what they believe in - how they see their futures. These two wonderful young adults saw and understood what my take on technology and life was and were equally as passionate about.

I made two wonderful friends today. I could direct and encourage and almost mentor in a way their teachers couldn't. It reinforced the strong need for external career guidance outside of school. Resources in the community outside of schools and colleges where these kids can learn and grow into adults. It's almost like having a buddy - a friend and a career guide out there in the real world who they can still connect to. Amazingly beautiful experience came out of trauma today and with that I found myself incredibly humbled and inspired by a day I thought would end in sadness.

It allowed me to understand ultimately what Happiness is.

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