Sunday, 12 May 2013

Women and Architecture and technology... Where are we?!

I was surprised to see some very interesting facts on the number of women in BIM related professions and having just returned from the event 'Meet the BIM experts' in Dublin I felt it relevant to share my thoughts on this.

I was the only female on the panel in Dublin but this was not a first. I was the only female Gunslinger in Boston last year and I've noticed only or two female speakers in events such as RTC in both Austrlia and Europe and indeed other construction related events also throughout the year.

The following article touches on some of these points well and again it concerns me that most women are leaving the field to find other more accepted and ultimately more encouraging roles. 

I am passionate about this topic. We are not here to rave feminist antics or try to change an already evolving industry. It is about acknowledging a different approach. Modern business's, communication methods, strengths and indeed flaws and based somewhat on gender and we need to ensure there is an open voice and idea out there still encouraging young and clever women to enter the industry. 

The facts are that as much as things are much smoother and more readily accepted for women in construction there is still a somewhat filtered undertone and this is what needs to change as we do. Please share.

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