Thursday, 7 April 2016

BIM Blah...

A tweet the other day has prompted me to write this post. Not because I am pretty certain I am right on this one, but also because there are too many 'experts' preaching about a process and terminology and confusing the majority of the industry. I think it was the B1M who said that there are a tiny minority of people passionate about BIM (globally EG UK BIM and Global BIM experts using the hashtags) and then there is 'everyone else'. Surely to engage 'everyone else' we need to throw away the elitism (I love this word) and focus on what is important. Delivery projects that align to the ambitions of the Government!

So it brings me to the point we discussed on twitter. Level 2 BIM …I mean BIM Level 2! Sorry! ;)

What we need to remember is this. The stewardship group (BIM Task Group) defined a system so we could determine how to assess where our projects were residing and where they needed to be. The terminology is that of Levels…1, 2 and maybe 3 at some point.

Using the terms 'BIM Level 2' or 'Level 2 BIM' do not make a difference.

The level definitions should be used as guidance only - it makes absolutely no difference what we call it as long as we align to the ambitions of it surely???

Happy to debate this topic but in all honesty, we don't really need to - lets just get one with it please!!

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