Thursday, 17 April 2014

BIM Show Live and Future leaders

Time I kept the writing up and blog while in between meetings, on the way to see friends, even while having my first Hendricks before the beginning of a long needed bank holiday weekend.

So BIM Show live is upon us and yet another exciting week of sharing knowledge, learning, networking with BIM friends and finding time to socialise all in the space of a few days.

I feel excited and happy about this years event, that not only am I speaking but I'm orchestrating an area for some key people all looking forward to a bright future. The futures area will sit in between the exchange hall and the main auditorium. The key is to ensure we engage the BIM community at large, learn from those implementing and drive positive results for our future. The space will only house couple a small seating area, maybe a few stools but we will be looping a video and also have an interactive display we hope all delegates interact with. Thanks to Faro, Topcon and Whitefrog all of who have donated small extras we will give away at the end of the show too. Please help us to gain some knowledge and grow a positive future for our industry not only here in the UK but also abroad.

I am also lucky enough to be presenting with Angel Velez, Autodesk Senior Principal designer and expert on all things IFC. I look forward to sharing some real experiences using the open source code (from an architects perspective) and I'm sure most are excited to hear Autodesk's approach to IFC development. We present on Wednesday afternoon, alongside some other exciting and interesting classes which will inform this year. I am actually a little excited about a few days outside if London. ;-)

Now for the weekend...I look forward to seeing all my UKBIM friends next week, and of course making new ones.

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