Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Adventures and a Digital Dream

What is Digital Node?

Following 12 great years in industry, through several amazingly rich projects, people and Architectural practices I have decided to explore an opportunity to create a space where I am able to not only share my knowledge, but to embed myself in processes, places and with people that truly inspire me. I therefore felt it appropriate to build a business not only based on these 'BIM' processes, but one that touched on my greatest passion - design.

Digital Node is therefore informed by Design, Technology and Innovation. 

It seeks to support projects and influence their development in positive ways. To help shape beautiful buildings and allow for a more productive workflow is the key.

The business is therefore divided into four streams or tiers. 

1. Digital Process and design. 

2. Technical Support and Training

3. Strategic Advice and Implementation

4. LIVE Support on Projects

The following streams engage in areas I feel were lacking in general in current industry process. It was important for me to stay engaged in projects as a consultant hence why the top three points are supported by the final point of remaning intact with live projects as a technical support or a strategic innovator informing clients of proposed supply chain incentives and by products. 

The one area I felt relevant and one in which I had the desire to actively influence this industry ties in with the work I undertake within the BIM2050 team here in the UK. It is about young people, working with schools, engaging with them because I want to and because I care.  

If we as industry professionals cannot help these young people, inspire them and drive them to be passionately engaged with the construction industry as we know it, we are at risk of losing a huge pool of talent to other industries moving forward and into the future. 

So....I conclude.... Here is to the future, to Digital Node and to a happy life.

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