Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Truth about Time

My blog and writing is regarding digital construction and BIM. But sometimes, and when the time is right, its important to talk about things that may require more attention. The attention I refer to is the importance of time. The time we live, the time we talk, the time we interact and have with people. Time. How often we all forget just how important a simple concept can be.


I have fallen victim to the concept, running around, worrying, working, travelling. I had forgotten one important thing - Time. Time goes by when we don’t even realize it is. Time moves so quickly that we don’t see it passing and sometimes forget it was even there. How such an important concept can become lost on people is incredible, even to me.


So today, I spent time, time to talk, to look around, to spend with people I love, time to acknowledge just how incredibly precious life is. Time to acknowledge that without these memories the importance of life is lost.


Sometimes we forget to see it.


Don’t forget that the time we have with family, friends, loved ones, and people that mean so much to us is so precious that without the memories we will lose out on the importance of one thing. Life. Life is about memories etched in single moments of time. This time can be nothing to you today, but one day you will see how important it is.


Take time to do things, without saying you’ll do them. Just do them. Take time to talk to people, parents, children, friends, cousins, colleagues. Listen to them. Listen intently. Acknowledge what they say and how they say it. Listen so closely that the memory of a conversation or an experience can remain etched in your memory forever and until you no longer have that time anymore.


Regardless of where you are and what area of your life you are in, this simple concept will bring joy to you when you take a moment to enjoy it. This not only applies to the important personal relationships we have, but also to our professional lives. Taking time to listen, acknowledge and respond means more than anything in this ever rapidly changing world.


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