Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Growing a Diverse Workforce - Why, How and What.

Many years ago (or so it seems) I was baffled by the lack of women in senior construction roles, but even more shocked by the small number of Women specifically in BIM related roles. Coupled with the fact I sat on numerous meetings, design side, contractors side, client side, as a lone entity wondering where the hell all the other women were!


The moment I moved into a consulting position- I found this was still a huge issue and not only in the BIM space but across all areas of the Built Environment sector and wanted to raise awareness and understand why this was happening.  


Following several years of growing the cause, and the support via very few individuals across industry I found that there were so few women I knew in these roles to try to grow a cause was very difficult.


We therefore tried to come together incrementally to support this – with people jumping in and out as they could all for the greater good.


I am so passionate about this that with some exciting help last year we were able to commit a full and excited team of people as the core members. We supported the creation of a database and now the way forward is to collate this information and drive growth globally to raise awareness.


You ask how?


The way in which this can be achieved is via the following:


  1. Support from Industry- we need to raise awarness so please keep sharing our website, and database links to all the Women you know in BIM related roles.
  2. Connect these women! We are in a position to now connect, although many of our members are based in the UK, the aim is to grow this incentive and push it to a global workforce.
  3. Provide an opportunity to discuss our three main objectives on a deddicated platform for Women in BIM members.


Please support us, help us and create an opportunity for us to be able to do this.




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